Breast Cancer : Risk Factors and Alternative Cure

breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases among women. It plays second fiddle only to lung cancer as the top killer of women in the United States and the rest of the world. And since the 1970s, recorded cases of the disease have continuously increased at an alarming rate. Breast cancer can also happen to men, albeit rarely; around 12,000 American men contract this disease every year.

Despite the nasty reputation of breast cancer, doctors have yet to find out the real causes of the disease. Right now, experts believe that cancer cells in the breasts develop as a result of a combination of risk factors. Nonetheless, doctors are sure that bumping or accidentally hurting your breasts can not trigger cancer.

Many studies confirm that certain elements may put a woman in an increased susceptibility to breast cancer. Women with one or all of these risk elements may be more imperiled than other women who are free from such factors. Here are the determinants of breast cancer to watch out for.


Your likelihood of having this type of disease increases as you become older. Statistically speaking, most breast cancer patients are women who are at least in their 60s. In fact before the menopausal stage, this disease may be considered extraordinary even for women.

Personal And Family History

If one of your breasts has cancer or if you had breast cancer before, your risk of having cancer on your other breast is greatly increased. In fact, the likelihood of having breast cancer under these circumstances may have quadrupled.

In the same manner, if someone in your family has been afflicted with this disease, you may be more prone to getting breast cancer. If your mother, your sister or even your child has been stricken down with this disease, you have to be careful because your risk can be higher than other women. Heredity plays a significant role in the development of this type of cancer.

Habits And Lifestyle

If you do not have close relatives who suffered from breast cancer, it does not mean that you are guaranteed to be free from getting the disease. Your habits and lifestyle can also contribute to the occurrence of cancer cells in your breasts. Women who smoke and are addicted to alcohol, for instance, have increased chances of suffering the disease. Obesity and use of contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy can also support the growth of cancerous tissues in the breasts.

Ways To Deal With Cancer

So far, mainstream cancer therapeutic procedures like chemotherapy and hormone therapy are the best steps that women with breast cancer should take. This is not to say that there are too few anti-cancer cures available; quite on the contrary, women who suffer from the disease have more medical options today than two or three decades ago.

However, there are some alternative measures that can complement regular breast cancer medication. Foremost among these measures is detoxification. Naturopaths or people who treat diseases by using natural remedies believe that the way to a healthier and cancer-free life is by eating healthy and living right.

This philosophy is not without basis. Practitioners of alternative medicine stress that the human body is not equipped to fight foreign substances brought about by pollution, chemicals and other environmental elements. Because of this, harmful substances are stored by the body and, over time, a buildup of toxins inside cells and tissues occurs.

These toxic substances are the ones responsible for the many diseases that happen today, which includes breast cancer. Cleansing the body of these poisonous substances can greatly help in preventing the growth of cancer cells in the breasts. Nevertheless, you have to think of these methods as supportive or additional steps in the fight against the disease; breast cancer patients still need help from doctors and drug medication.


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