Lung Cancer Alternative Treatment

Lung Cancer

Nowadays, lung cancer is prevalent in heavy smokers. Lung cancer best options for alternative treatment cannot be understood without having some information on what lung cancer is. It is the most common of death by cancer in both women and men. The average diagnostic age for lung cancer is sixty years. Basically, there is two major type of lung cancer. These are non-small cell lung cancer, which accounts for almost 75% of all lung cancer cases, and small cell lung cancer that accounts for almost 25% of cancer cases.

The small cell type of  cancer has been known to grow very quickly. It is also capable of spreading to other parts of the body. It is a  cancer that is common in smokers. Non-small cell  cancer comes sin three categories; large cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma (the most common form).

Statistics is always changing and the fact is very year, approximately 170,000 new cases are diagnosed. Nearly 160,000 of these cases are fatal, but if lung cancer is caught before it has spread to other organs and lymph nodes, the person affected has a survival rate of 50%. Because they do not produce detectable symptoms, more than 85% of lung cancer cannot be caught when they are in their early stages. Th overall survival rate is at 12% due to this fact and it has been improving as a result of new drugs and diagnostics. The increase in alternative lung cancer treatment has also improved the survival rate. The best option for  cancer treatment recommended is having proper nutrition and diet.

Potential adverse side effects are counteracted when a person takes Vitamin C, E and beta-carotene at the same time. A reduced risk of  has been associated with intake of lutein, glutathione, selenium and lycopene. The B Vitamins have also been associated with a decrease in  cancer risk. Other carotenoids such as alpha carotene have been viewed by many researchers as aiding in the reduction and actual stopping of  risk. Beta-carotene has been linked with the increase in mortality and reduction of  in people who have exposure to asbestos, former smokers and current smokers.

An antioxidant found in soybeans knows as Genistein has a powerful effect in stopping  cells from growing. A diet that is high in vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes, has been associated with a great reduction in the risk of lung cancer. Shiitake mushrooms have something known as lentinan, which has shown the capability of prevention and possibility of the cure. There are hidden cures such as self-administrated oxygen therapy. This is a cure that has been kept a secret by various pharmaceutical companies since they believe that once people are cured, it will be the end of their business. This should be considered to be part of the best options for alternative cancer treatment.

This therapy becomes very powerful when it is combined with proper diet and nutrition. The therapy is very simple an it uses the proper administration of Ozone and / or Hydrogen Peroxide. When it is administered properly, it will give the body an oxygen dose that is quite high. This dose will revitalize any normal cells and kills the ones that are diseased. Lack of sufficient oxygen is the cause of most diseases including lung cancer. The general public does not know this fact and that is why they are suffering without a cure. Disease microorganisms, pathogens, toxins, harmful bacteria, viruses and microbes cannot survive in an environment that is highly oxygenated.

If you need more information on these subject and any other alternative treatment for lung cancer, You should click the link below. It has a 5-minute video that will help you understand the therapy better.

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